I wrote a book (well a bit of one) Three weeks ago my first book was published, Making Sense of History: 1509 – 1745. To be accurate, I only wrote one of the chapters but still it is a book and it has my name on it, so it feels pretty momentous!

can u buy viagra in bali The book forms the second part of Hodder’s new KS3 series, designed to meet the requirements of the new curriculum and is something I am immensely proud of. The series is written by a ridiculously talented bunch of history teachers John D Clare, Alec Fisher, Neil Bates, Richard McFahn, Ian Dawson and me (still not sure why I have been included with such a great bunch!) and what we have produced is practical, original and engaging.

buy viagra gauteng We are all very passionate about history and have designed activities that we know will work in your classroom. We know this as most of the ideas come from our own classrooms.

My chapter in this book focuses on Mughal India. Part of the new curriculum requires you to look at international history and the rich history of the Mughals seems like a great place to start. The chapter includes lots of Mughal miniatures to create a sense of period and a stepped enquiry looking at Akbar the Great that will make a fantastic assessment should you wish.

There are still two more books on this series to come. For Book 3 I have been writing about the Lunar Society and another chapter on the French Revolution. For Book 4 I’ll be writing about the First World War and producing what I think could be the first chapter in a British school history textbook on life in East Germany. Should be good!