What object would you choose to represent Weimar culture?

I’ve never taught Weimar culture very well but it’s a topic I love. So this year I spent a while replanning my lesson. I was very pleased with the outcome so I thought I should share it.



Lesson Plan:

Starter: Discussion

This lesson should follow a whole scheme on Weimar and as a result students should have solid contextual knowledge of the period. Using this knowledge get the students to discuss “Why would art and culture flourish in late 1920s Germany?”


Task 1: Teacher Introduction. Set up the scenario for the lesson. Last year the British Museum held a landmark exhibition on Germany. Neil MacGregor chose 50 objects to represent the history of Germany. One of these represented Weimar culture. Your task is to work out which object you would choose.

Task 2: Source sheet. Give each student a copy of the culture sheet. Across it are objects representing Weimar culture. For each they must list what they can see in one colour. Then in another colour what this object tells us about Weimar Germany.

Task 3: Pick your object. Get the students to individually pick one object to represent Weimar culture. They need to write a substantial paragraph justifying their choice.

Plenary: Reveal what Neil MacGregor chose.