Virtual Field Visits

Isn’t technology good these days? I’ve just found Google Street View Treks where instead of driving a car around with a camera attached Google have got someone with a backpack and a camera to walk around sites of interest including the Eifel Tower, Angkor Wat and a load of other places both historical and geographical.

Take a look, it’s genuinely good. But the question is how can we use this technology in the classroom?

Why not a virtual field visit? I’m working on some Mughal stuff at the moment so I’ve used this technology to design a virtual field visit to the Taj Mahal, a place only a handful of them will visit but using this technology they can at least experience it digitally. Plus it’s something they can easily do at home, is engaging and enhances the work we will do in class where we are studying the emperors and Shah Jahan it’s founder in particular.

As it’s a virtual field visit I’ve set them a series of touristy tasks. They have to take photos of certain bits of the site and from certain angles. They have to write a postcard home. You get the idea, something to get them to engage with the place.

The homework guidance is easily adaptable so you can nick it and use it as you want.

Taj Mahal Virtual Field Visit