Producing your own examiner’s report

year 10 exmainersEvery summer the examiner’s produce a report of common mistakes and common successes in each of the exams. These reports are invaluable to a class teacher to give you guidance about where not to go wrong.

Using this idea my department have started writing our own examiner’s reports after each and every mock. This isn’t exactly a new or hugely revolutionary idea I am sure that many of you do it but I was surprised talking to colleagues in other departments that this isn’t more common practice.

Why bother?

On one script you can only give a small handful of comments, unless you are a sadist who spends all night marking papers. But there are surely things that every student has made a mistake on? For example, our Post-16 at the moment are dreadful at using past tense and constantly write lead not led. Additionally, our Year 13 need to use more specific evidence to support their arguments. On a script I could write “more evidence”, and I do, but in an examiner’s report I can actually explain what that means with a few examples.



How do you coordinate this?year 13 examienrs

As we mark a set of mocks we make comments about common mistakes. We then have a GoogleDoc we enter the comments into or simply email each other. This honestly takes an additional 5 minutes maximum but we produce a whole A4 page of additional feedback for the students. They appreciate it, we feel like we’ve given better feedback and it works.