Why a new site? I’ve been blogging at for a long time now but a lot has changed in that time. I’ve taken on new roles, worked for different people and quite honestly pretty much changed my entire pedagogical approach to teaching from when I began six years ago. Hence a new website for a new me I suppose. It took a long discussion with friends about what to call the site. Some suggested some right fancy pants Latin names but when I saw that was free I kind of had to snap it up as it matched my Twitter name and the radical bit really reflects what I’ve always thought about history teaching (and politics!).

source So what’s new?

watch The About page is far more detailed and shows what I am currently up to and what I’ve been up to. I’ve also included a My current history obsessions page. Decent history teachers are constantly swotting up and learning themselves so this page will show you what I’m reading, watching and browsing.

I’m just one of an ever growing list of history teachers who have an online presence though so I’ve also included an Other radical historians page. It’s not an exhaustive list but instead a selection of the people who genuinely inspire me. Eventually it’ll include academics and heritage sector people too.

Hope you enjoy it.

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