New KS3 Curriculum

We’re busy planning for the new Key Stage Three curriculum at the moment and I thought it might be worth sharing the overview as I appreciate that a lot of you are in the same boat.

Ours pretty much ticks all the right boxes in terms of curriculum except it misses a unit on pre-1066 which has been a conscious decision. We are an academy so can be flexible plus our feeder schools do this very well. We discussed including Anglo Saxons but as we’ve gone for a chronological approach it would have to be in Year 7 where a lot of lessons are taught by non-specialists who might freak out at Aethelstan et al.

Anyway here’s the new curriculum:


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
How and why has Bristol developed over the last 1000 years?

Assessment: Change and continuity

Purpose: Chronological overview / Relevance of local history


How successfully was Medieval England controlled, 1000 to 1500?

Purpose: Engaging first unit / strangeness of the period


Was the Tudor century really that important at all?

Assessment: Using evidence

Purpose: Birth of the modern world


Were the Mughals more successful than their English counterparts?

Purpose: Global perspective / Comparison

The 17th century – a century of change or a century of continuity?

Purpose: Change


Why was the 18th century so revolutionary?

Assessment: Significance

Purpose: Making of the modern world


Should Bristol apologise for its role in the slave trade?

Assessment: Causality

Purpose: Importance of this event / Local relevance


How ‘great’ was Great Britain in the nineteenth century?

Assessment: Using evidence

Purpose: Questioning identity


How was universal suffrage achieved in 1928?

Purpose: Political awareness / Citizenship

How should the First World War be remembered in Bristol?

Assessment: Causality / Interpretations

Purpose: Affected significant proportion of the UK


How and why has the history of WW2 been interpreted differently?

Assessment: Interpretations

Purpose: Interpretations / Affected significant proportion of the UK


Was the Holocaust inevitable in 1942?

Purpose: Importance of this event / Challenging conceptually


What was the most significant change in the 1960s?

Assessment: Significance / Change

Purpose: Social history / contrast to first three units


How did Communism shape Modern Europe?

Purpose: Global perspective / Political awareness