Making literacy visual. Literally.

As well as teaching history I am also whole school literacy coordinator at Redland Green School. In my first year in post I led a drive to make the importance of literacy visual to both staff and students. With the aim of making everyone realise it’s importance and how it needed to become a priority.

As a school we did this in a number of ways (probably more on that another day) but one thing we have had a push on over the summer is making the currently empty space between the two school libraries into a place to promote reading. What was a blank corridor is being transformed.

We wanted a large mural to promote reading so invited Andy Council, a local Bristol graffiti artist famous for painting dinosaurs, to design the work. Andy worked with our students and took their inspiration to incorporate the four birds that represent the school houses – geese, ducks, larks and warblers.

When Andy was in painting the work I stole the PE department’s GoPro and did some time lapse photography. Our clever ICT department pasted this together into a little video. So if you’d like to see our literacy mural being created in two minutes, accompanied by some loud drum and bass, watch the video below.