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One thought on “Attempting to grade 1 to 9

  1. Thanks for sharing! We’re with AQA and I’ve used a very similar approach to you based on previous AQA boundaries, but with a couple of concerns/differences – I wonder what people think about:
    1) whether to include previous boundaries for controlled assessment in the calculations or not-I have not as I think it skews the boundaries as the future is just exam-based.
    2) the % of cohort getting a 4 = % of cohort getting a c does not mean that the grade boundaries will be the same or even similar – I’m trying to think ‘what will legacy spec c grade kids be able to do on the new mark schemes?’ and the same for a/a*… i.e. On the new AQA spec I think it is harder to get the top marks than it used to be on most questions, but not necessarily harder to get the middle marks? Although I think timing issues are harder so that will affect things…so many factors to weigh up! Finding it really tough to know where to draw the line.

    However, based on the above, the %s we’re using have a 9 at a bit higher, and the 6,5,4 at slightly lower than you.
    All of this is lower than what a lot of departments seem to be using, based on online comments…it’s a mug’s game this!

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